Ilmo. Sr. D. Enrique Fernández Cara


Grade in Mathematics for the University of Sevilla and  Doctorate in Mathematics for this University and the University Paris 6 (France), 1981. Scholar, assistant professor and full professor in the University of Sevilla. Worked in Sevilla, Paris, Clermont-Ferrand and several Brazilian universities: UNICAMP (Campinas), UFF (Nitéroi), UFBA (Recife), UFBP (Joao Pessoa), etc.

Advisor of more than 30 PhD Theses. Participant in more than 20 Research Projects in Spain, France and Brazil.

Areas of interest: theoretical and numerical analysis and control of PDEs and related questions (optimization, stability, inverse problems, etc.). In particular, problems for homogeneous and nonhomogeneous Navier-Stokes equations, Oldroyd viscoelastic systems and variants, other nonlinear non-scalar systems from tumor growth modelling, etc.

Contributions: regularity results, new numerical schemes (some of them based on parallelization), new control solution techniques and related applications and numerical simulation. About 185 papers in international journals, about 50 international conferences, most them related to control and PDEs. Maximal qualification (6+1-year research periods) by the Spanish Agency CNEAI (the last one in 2022).

Bibliographic data (January 2024, contributions + cites + h-index):
MathScinet: 186 +  2269 +  23
Google Scholar: 332 +  5343 + 34
Scopus: 154 +  2818 + 26

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